How to RSVP to our wedding!

In effort to make our world a better place for you and yours, we're attempting to reduce our carbon
footprint as much as possible in every way we can. What's a carbon footprint? Don't worry. Kate won't start rambling, but click here if you want to learn more.  Reducing that footprint includes online RSVPing.

"How do I do it?" you ask?

First and foremost, tell us your name and what kind of rhythms you shake it to! Our DJ will download any song if it is not already in his database via iTunes, so speak up! Let's face it. This is an event being thrown by Kate & Ryan, so expect copious amounts of dancing. The running man, robot, and moon walk are definitely not archaic. These are not only acceptable but expected. The sprinkler can be used, but only in moderation per Ryan.

After clicking 'submit', you will be redirected to our secure RSVP site. Look up your name and send your response there.

It's that simple!

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Still need assistance?
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