About Kate...

Age:  27... ahhh! approaching 30! where did the time go?!

Career:  Biologist and research sales account manager for Fisher Scientific. 
At a young age, Kate was infatuated with the world around her. She constantly asked questions, wanting to know "why?" or "how?" the components of the world worked. When learning the harsh reality of how an animal shelter works when pets go un-adopted, she cried and told her mother her solution. "When I grow up, I'm going to have a big house, with a big yard for all the old dogs to play in. They can live there forever with me, and there will be a giant indoor swimming pool for otters."
"Otters?" her mother asked.
"Yes. (sternly) Otters."
[She always has been stubborn.:) ]
Thus, began her interest in Biology and pursuit of her B.S. and M.S. degrees at the University of Evansville and Eastern Illinois University.
Kate finished her Master's of Science degree this past summer and joined Fisher Scientific in September 2010. Here, she gets to "talk science" with her customers and help them find solutions for their needs. Two of her favorite things.

Favorite things (besides science): adventures with Ryan, traveling, their perfect beagle Sydney, running, karaoke, and her MacBook (c'mon, you saw it coming)

Favorite memory with Ryan: Over six years, it's hard to pick just one! But if I can only pick one, it would be July 8, 2005. That was the day I met the person I had already fallen in love with in real life.

About Ryan...

Age:  25... Kate's a cradle robber.

Career:  Chicago account manager for Reichert Medical and Athletic Trainer.
When Ryan was younger, he learned he was born with a rare heart condition, long QT syndrome, that inhibited him from being able to play competitive sports. In high school, Ryan found his niche when he was introduced to the field of athletic training. He assisted and learned from the head athletic trainer, Neal, who became not only his mentor, but good friend.
He went on to study athletic training at the University of Evansville and Indiana State University, where he used his experience and knowledge to help Division I athletes perform their best.
After graduate school, he gained experience in the medical field by working as an orthopedic technician at a local hospital. This experience, in conjunction with his valuable experiences as an athletic trainer, brought about the opportunity of his current position.
Here, he works with patients in physical therapy clinics and orthopedic offices, and provides them with equipment that assist in a faster recovery or pain management. He instructs them on proper use of the equipment and answers any questions patients may have about their care. Knowing that he is helping people is what makes him excited to start each day.

Favorite things:  Cubs baseball, cycling, wrestling with Sydney, and eating Taco Bell with Kate

Favorite memory with Kate:  May 1, 2010.   The day I proposed and got the answer, “Yes” despite the fact that Kate was confused and hadn’t looked at the ring!